RAZOR 320 AC/DC TIG Welder


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The RAZOR™ 320 AC/DC gives you maximum control over High-Frequency AC/DC TIG welding for incredible results from start to finish. This Three-Phase machine features Square, Trapezoidal and Sine AC output waveforms, as well as MIX ARC AC/DC functions.

The RAZOR™ 320 AC/DC is a complete and professional TIG /STICK welding machine that is ideal for all high-end aluminium, stainless steel fabrication, marine and industrial engineering welding situations.

The all-new ARC TORCHOLOGY T3 TIG Torch comes standard with the RAZOR™ 320 AC/DC, offering up to 30% better power-to-weight ratio and longer consumable lifecycles. A Remote Foot Control and Water Cooler can also be plugged into the machine for even more versatility and power.


Featuring multiple AC output waveforms of Square, Trapezoidal and Sine, combined with AC Balance and AC Frequency control you have the ultimate tool in AC TIG Welding mode to suit all your AC TIG welding requirements.


Latest 43KHz inverter frequency technology provides the ultimate in smooth and stable arc condition for DC TIG welding mode, coupled with the Digital Weld Sequence Program provides complete and professional DC TIG Welding function.


This function of MIX AC/DC makes it possible to modulate the welding current, alternating a period of TIG AC with a period of TIG DC-. This means that the efficiency of AC TIG welding can be combined with the high penetration of DC TIG welding, obtaining higher welding speeds and establishing the weld puddle quicker on cold work-pieces. The operator adjustable parameter is the percentage of AC waveform compared to DC- waveform over the entire period, which can be varied from 5~95%.


Full attention is given to MMA welding providing both DC and AC output modes. Ignition AMP and Ignition Time provide for an operator-controlled Hot Start of the weld by applying extra current to the set weld current over a preset time. Arc force allows adjustment of the arc transfer from a digging action through to a softer layering effect. The complete and professional MMA function allows you to set the ideal arc condition no matter what the electrode and welding situation.


The Digital Weld Sequence Program and intelligent MCU software provide full TIG functionality in AC, DC and MIX modes. Adjustable pre-sets include Pre-Gas time, Start Current, Up Slope, Down Slope, Finish Current level and Post-Gas time. Digital Pulse parameter presets include Peak & Base current; Pulse Frequency & Pulse Width. HF and Lift Arc Ignition.


Multiple torch trigger selections of 2T, 2S, 4T, 4S provide complete flexibility and operator control over the weld sequence from start to finish.


This machine supports the connection of an external foot control for extra versatility and convenience while welding. This allows you to adjust your amperage hands-free to avoid disrupting your torch movement.


The job memory function allows you to enter and store weld parameter settings under job numbers. The job number can be recalled to reveal and use the weld parameters stored, and weld parameters can be further adjusted and stored as required. A total of 50 Jobs can be memorised and stored for recall.


Activating the water cooler control allows for the water cooler to operate when welding current is available during welding and will switch off automatically after 5 minutes of no welding current.