RWX6000 BLACK Welding Helmet

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The RWX6000™ Automatic Welding Helmet provides protection to your face and eyes from spatter and UV/IR radiation. This helmet features a 1/1/1/1 classification, the highest possible classification for optical clarity. Fitted with 4 arc sensors, the RWX6000™ Welding Helmet features 5-13 Shade control as well as GRIND mode for use when grinding.

A 100x83mm view allows for a large view of the work area, while a replaceable backup battery improves the performance of the auto-darkening filter. Also included is the ability to save up to 3 memory profiles.

The RWX6000™ Welding Helmet comes with True Colour View Lens Technology to ensure you always get a clear and natural view of your surroundings and workpiece.

True Colour View Lens Technology

True Colour View Lens Technology greatly improves the optics of your helmet, letting you see a full spectrum of colours. It also helps to reduce eye fatigue making it safer for extended periods of welding.


Welding helmet lenses are graded on a rating system from 1 to 3 across four categories, with 1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest. This helmet features the maximum 1/1/1/1 classification for optical quality, diffusion of light, light consistency and angle dependence.


The three most frequently used settings can be stored and reactivated easily by using the three memory buttons on the Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF).